Stefano’s Restaurant

Stefano’s Restaurant is the iconic and well renowned go to restaurant in Mildura. Murray River Salt have attended food shows throughout Australia and the familiar comment from people is that they have either been to Stefano’s or planning to visit.

Stefano has been known to make the statement that “I am a cook not a chef” and in true Italian style cooks from the heart and creates superb meals that entices people to keep coming back for more. The conventional belief is that the use of ‘poor’ ingredients to prepare delicious dishes can constitute a money-saving exercise.

Stefano has put the Mildura region on the map through his hosting of the popular series “Gondola on The Murray”.   Many people regard it as a pilgrimage to travel for hours and dine at Stefano’s.

Cellars of the Grand Hotel, Langtree Avenue, Mildura

Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday – from 7pm

Sunday and Monday for group booking by appointment.

Contact during office hours (Tuesday – Friday 10am to 4pm)

on 03 5022 0881 or

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