Leigh, Consumer, Melbourne

It’s wonderful to have this unique Australian product in our kitchen, which we first discovered in a shop in Albury a few years back. We love seeing your product in restaurants, food markets and independent supermarkets everywhere and many chef’s talk about it and use it.

Giovanni Pilu, Pilu at Freshwater, Sydney

I love using the Murray River Salt at my Seafood School classes, it looks beautiful because of the colour – but I think people forget when they’re cooking that salt can add more flavour than just saltiness, I think this is what the Murray River Salt does because of its combination of minerals.

Matt Preston, Food Critic & TV Presenter

I might sound like a broken record but I’ve been writing about (and using) Murray River Pink Salt since I first discovered it almost decade ago. It is a favourite gift to take to chefs and foodies overseas as it is a unique Aussie product, looks so beautiful on the table, and also adds a crunch and bursts of flavour to dishes that iodised salt never can. Just use it as a finishing salt – basically a salt sprinkle on dishes to finish them off. As the Basques say, salt is the people’s caviar, and a box of pink salt by the stove is the most affordable of luxuries.

Stefano de Pieri, Stefano’s Restaurant, Mildura

The best salt I have ever tasted. This is unusually sweet. It does not unbalance the food. It is gentle, not aggressive as salt can be.

Zoe Bingley Pullin, Nutritionists, Good Chef Bad Chef

Unlike other sources of salt, Murray River Gourmet Salt flakes are minimally processed and therefore rich in naturally occurring trace minerals including magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine. A delicate balance of such minerals alongside sodium is required for optimal health. Murray River Gourmet Salt flakes are a quick and delicious way to boost the nutritional content of your diet.

Kylie Kwong, Chef and TV Presenter

I’m addicted to these beautiful pink hued salt flakes that are extracted from the ancient aquifers beneath the Murray River. They have a soft delicate flavour and are full of the trace elements that we need.

Cory Campbell, Head Chef – Vue de Monde, Melbourne

Murray River Salt has a very delicate flavour that enhances food without over powering it. The salt has great texture – a bit of crunch yet it still melts away nicely when you eat it. As it is a local product of a world class quality and produced with the environment in mind, it fits very well with the way we source our produce.

Neil Perry, Head Chef – Rockpool On George, Sydney

Purity, flavour and texture. As a chef, these are the reasons I love Murray River Salt. If I was an environmentalist, I would factor in that these guys are assisting in eradicating Australia’s massive salinity issue, in their own small way. Were I a dietician – I’d be considering the great effects of magnesium, calcium and the natural minerals this salt carries, and the fact that it has no additives or preservatives. At the end of the day though – when it comes down to the plain and simple context of how I like to eat and what I choose to feed my customers, I don’t look past Murray River Salt.