Harvest Site

The ancient inland concentrated brine found within the Mourquong Mitigation Basin is recognised for its purity and mineral content.

This pristine saline water source has been trapped underground for thousands of years and has not been exposed to the elements until it is pumped up for salt production. The pure mineralised brine travels through several canals before entering the crystallizing ponds. The brine is solar evaporated and crystallizes over the summer months.

The salt is harvested at the Mourquong site and then processed into a range of products. Our newly released Murray River Premium White Salt products are made at this site. Some of the salt is transported to Mildura (VIC) where our iconic Murray River Saltโ„ข Pink Flakes are produced using a different process to specifically achieve the Pink Salt Flakes.

All our products are sustainable and assist the environment by helping reduce salinity!

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