40g Truffle Salt

Australia’s Best Premium Truffle Salt

Our award winning Pink Salt Flakes, infused with West Australia’s best quality truffles, to bring you Murray River Salt ® Premium Truffle Salt.

There is nothing quite like whole black pieces of West Australia’s Great Southern Black Melanosporum Truffles, combined with our naturally pink salt flakes, the intense pungent flavours, and delicate texture will fill your mouth and have your taste buds dancing.

Take your favourite recipe to another level with our Premium Truffle Salt, turning traditional dishes into a gourmet experience, no matter if they are sweet or savoury.

Our Murray River Salt ‘Premium Truffle Salt’ has won many prizes for its unique flavour and texture– the most recent being a GOLD MEDAL at the 2019 Australian Food Awards.

The 40g jar is the perfect way to sample one of life’s luxuries and impress your dinner guests.




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More about our 40g Truffle Salt

The glass 40g jar is tamper proof with a pressure seal wad and a metal lid. Once opened, please keep the jar in the fridge to maintain freshness.

Why not try

Finish off any egg dish to experience the best eggs ever! Add to just tossed pasta and risotto Mix with high quality butter to create a truffle butter for steak Sprinkle on pate or foie gras Add some glitz to your popcorn

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