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Murray River Salt Australia

How is Murray River salt made?

Murray River Salt is the only naturally pink salt made in Australia, so it’s no surprise that we are constantly asked, “How is Murray River salt made?”

Spoiler alert: Murray River Salt® flakes are not from the Murray River itself.

Wait, what? So, why did we include ‘Murray River’ in our business name? The answer lies somewhere in the blog below…

What is Murray River Salt?

Imagine a salt so fabulous, it’s won awards. That’s right, Murray River Salt is an award-winning pink salt that brings a full-bodied flavor without that harsh, salty bitterness that makes your face scrunch up.

This pink salt is loved by some of the world’s top chefs and foodies. They sprinkle it on their culinary masterpieces to add that perfect finishing touch. So, if it’s good enough for them, you know it’s going to elevate your cooking game too!

Where does Murray River Salt come from?

You might be picturing us scooping salt straight out of the Murray River, but the truth is much better (for the environment and your cooking). Our salt is derived from an ancient inland concentrated brine found within the Mourquong Mitigation Basin. Sounds fancy, right?

This pristine brine is solar evaporated and crystalised over the summer months. Once crystalised, we treat the salt to a 24-hour temperature-controlled bath. Here, the salt transforms into the beautiful pyramid-shaped flakes that you know and love.

Discover Murray River Salt, Gourmet Australian Pink Salt Flakes

The stunning pale pink hue of the salt flakes comes from the mineralised brines, which are loaded with magnesium, calcium, and to a lesser degree potassium and iodine.

These delicate, pyramid-shaped flakes have a light texture that melts like a dream on your tongue. They add a delightful crunch and a beautiful finish to your dishes, making them both visually stunning and texturally satisfying.

How Murray River Salt benefits the environment

Now, let’s talk about our super salt’s mission. Murray River Salt is dedicated to fighting salinity issues in the Murray Darling Basin Region. Thanks to our Mourquong Salt Mitigation Basin, we help prevent 200 tonnes of saline water from leaching into the Murray River every single day. That’s right, every day! Murray River Salt is the by-product of this eco-friendly effort.

This means we’re preserving the purity of our waterways, protecting ecosystems, supporting agriculture, and ensuring a sustainable future. Plus, Murray River Salt’s natural pink salts are free from additives, preservatives, and the nasty effects of microplastics, herbicides, and pesticides.

So, why the name? ‘Murray River Salt’ reflects our commitment to protecting the Murray River from high levels of salt. So each time you sprinkle, flavor, and garnish, you’re helping to tackle the salinity issue firsthand.

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