Huge Medal Haul for Murray River Salt & Mildura Chocolate Co

Murray River Salt and Mildura Chocolate Co are celebrating after winning a host of medals at a number of high profile food award events through the year.

A Gold Medal was awarded at the Australian Food Awards for Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes as well as the new Salted Chocolate Sauce which is produced by Mildura Chocolate Co.  A Bronze medal was awarded to Murray River Gourmet Grinder Salt with a mild chilli infusion.

Murray River Salt’s iconic pink salt flake product was nominated as part of the annual delicious. Produce Awards.  This event brings together some of Australia’s most renowned chefs and food industry leaders to judge the country’s most outstanding ingredients over several months.  In August, Murray River Salt was notified it was a State winner and would proceed to the national judging round.  At the delicious. Produce Awards gala event in Sydney in September, Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes were awarded a Gold Medal which is such an accomplishment.

In October, Murray River Salt was awarded a Gold Medal for both Murray River Gourmet Salt Flakes and Murray River Gourmet Truffle Salt at the Royal Sydney Regional Food Competition.  A Silver medal was awarded for Salted Chocolate Sauce which is produced by Mildura Chocolate Co.

Winning medals on a national level at such prestigious events is a unique endorsement of our status as a producer of high quality, premium gourmet salt and value added products.  It gives our staff a point of pride as they strive to produce consistent, high quality products for Australians to enjoy in their homes.

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