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Sprinkle & Sparkle: Seasoning Your Festive Feasts with Murray River Salt

As we’re gearing up for the festive season down under, it’s time to chat about something we all love – FOOD. Not just any food, but well seasoned, food to share with our loved ones around the table at Christmas. From roasting under the Aussie sun to mixing up jolly-good cocktails and prepping the freshest seafood, the magic ingredient is always a good sprinkle of salt. And not just any salt, we’re talking about our very own Murray River Salt, the star of the season.

Roasting and Toasting with Salt:

Imagine your festive roast, be it turkey, lamb, or beef, getting a royal treatment with Murray River Salt. A generous seasoning the night before lets the flavours truly dance. Our salt’s delicate texture means it melts right in, giving you that perfect, savoury crust we all crave.

Our Top Picks: 150g Grinder Salt Pouch or 200g Salt Flake Canister

Cocktails with a Salty Kiss:

What’s an Aussie festive season without some cool cocktails to clink? Whether it’s a Margarita with a salted rim that screams beach party, or a Bloody Mary that’s bold and beautifully salty, our pink salt is your ticket to cocktail heaven.

Our Top Picks: 250g Home Chef Box or Flinder Gin Salt

Seafood Seasonings: Ocean’s Flavours Enhanced:

When it comes to seafood, a bit of Murray River Salt is like a sprinkle of the ocean itself. Grilled prawns, oysters, or a whole barbie fish – they all sing better with a touch of our salt. It’s about enhancing, not overpowering – just the way Mother Nature intended.

Our Top Picks: 150g Salt Flake Pouch or Rich Glen River Salt

As you gather round the table this festive season, remember it’s not just about the food, it’s about the memories you create around it. And a little (or a lot, we don’t judge!) Murray River Salt is your secret ingredient for that extra sparkle. Let’s roast, toast, and sprinkle our way to a fabulous holiday season. Share your salty festive creations with us – we’re all about spreading the joy… and the salt!

Cheers to a sprinkle-filled festive season! 🥂🧂