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The Murray River Salt Story

Hi there, foodies! Let us whisk you away to the landscapes of Australia’s ancient Murray Darling Basin – Mallee trees are swaying in the balmy air, whistling kites circling above and the long stretch of our mighty Murray River; a home for native fish, rich flora & fauna, drinking water for bustling communities and irrigation needs for many agricultural farmers in the region.

There is a heartfelt story behind our Murray River Salt, one that is infused with passion, purpose and a whole lot of culinary magic – It starts in 1983, Duncan and Jan had just embarked on their SunSalt adventure – Two culinary heroes that refined their craft through precise techniques and in 2000 introduced the world to their iconic Pink Salt Flakes that you now of know today. Leading them to becoming a part in the cornerstone of Australia’s culinary heritage.

Today, in 2023 the name still lives on in family legacy; spreading across the world to our stockists, oozing into viral TimTam videos on TikTok, MasterChef Marvels on your TV screen and select Woolworths stores across Australia. This allows you to experience Murray River salt for yourself, dancing on your taste buds with taste & texture and that deeper feeling of being connected to something greater.

Let’s not sugar coat it (or in our case salt-coat it), this story isn’t just about salt. This is about a vision, to shake up the ordinary world of salt, and embrace the extraordinary; with a desire to sprinkle luxury into homes & kitchen’s worldwide. This doesn’t happen with run-of-the-mill flakes, this is the embodiment of excellence and creativity that locals, travellers, chefs, budding home cook’s and we’re positive YOU too,  just can’t get enough of.

We have to be honest though.. It’s not just about the kitchen. We’re also eco-warriors too; fighting to protect our precious water resources from the ongoing battle of salinity within the Murray Darling Basin Region. Our Mourquong Salt Mitigation Basin offers us the brine that supports diverting up to 200 tonnes of saline water DAILY from entering the Murray River – The by-product of this is our gourmet Pink Salt Flakes. So each time you sprinkle, flavour & garnish, you’re helping Mother Earth breathe a sigh of relief right here in the backyard of Australia

And maybe we’re biased or maybe, the combination of innovation and craftsmanship speaks volumes when it comes to the techniques, trials and tribulations behind Murray River Salt. Our Wooden Salt Gift Boxes are a total throwback to old school awesomeness and nod to craftsmanship that’s as authentic as your grandma’s secret recipes. Each Salt Mill, Salt Pouch and Salted Chocolate Bar is a piece of our Murray River Salt story, a slice of Australia’s vibrant culinary tapestry for you to enjoy!

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Until next time, you Salty Dogs 😄