The Upcoming Gourmet Salt Lake Sunset Dinner

The Upcoming Gourmet Salt Lake Sunset Dinner

Experience dinner at sunset on the edge of the outback with ex-MasterChef cooks Arum Nixon, Samuel Whitehead and Sam Goodwin, at the truly spectacular Murray River Salt Harvest Site. The twilight event will feature a variety of local produce and bush tucker sourced from this food bowl region based on the Murray River near Mildura.

Arum, Samuel and Sam came to prominence through MasterChef 2017. The trio shared a similar love for produce driven cooking, communal eating and the great outdoors which saw an immediate bond form within the competition, and built the desire to collaborate together post-show. Impressed by what they saw and experienced whilst on the show, and a logical central meeting point for the state-spread trio, Mildura has proven to be the perfect location for the guys to host a produce driven celebration of food and community. To purchase the tickets, click on the link below:

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